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StahlWorte / SteelWords

“StahlWorte / SteelWords” is a nine-part performance piece based on poet/eurythmist/visual artist Gail Langstroth’s encounter with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based steel sculptor Dee Briggs and her 72,000 pound work “Can’t You See”. This performance is the result of five months (May – October 2021) of inquiry, research, and observation in Briggs’ studio-warehouse. “SteelWords” communicates Langstroth’s powerful, complex response to Briggs’ massive sculpture and the process by which she conceived and constructed it. Langstroth’s piece premiered October 23, 2021, in The Hague, Netherlands, and was directed by Kaylin Horgan.


poet / performer / eurythmist / visual artist: Gail Langstroth

director: Kaylin Horgan

videographer: Andrés Tapia-Urzua

video editor & animator: Sean Horgan

piano: Klaas Trapman

lighting & tech: Jasper Gather

performance videographer & editor: Jaron Kühmstedt

music: Johann Sebastian Bach, “Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland” (BWV 659)

script: Gail Langstroth

line drawings & collage: Gail Langstroth

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