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film "tor-rot"

A Film of Passage: ToR-RoT

Places and landscapes speak. They imprint an image, leave a question, a wordless gesture or desire in our limbs. When I first approached the grounds of Peter Eisenman’s City of Culture, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, I knew that I wanted to converse with the spaces between these buildings. I wanted to penetrate the mystery of passageway and corridor, enter the stone reach of vertical and horizontal. I wanted to walk here, feel the slanting walls speak.
Through film and movement, challenged by wind, sun, and sky, I am here. Later editing, piecing, shifting, adding a tonal background, layering, folding the colors and textures of collage:
Tor means Door or Gate in German. Rot means Red.
ToR-RoT: A Film of Mirrored Passage

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