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After a long career as an international performer, I wanted to bring the movement-artist/eurythmist, together with the poet, in a solo production.  ONEWORD was born. Its title originates from an experience of the one word that each of us can speak only for ourselves. It points to that part of the self which actively listens in order to give birth to the poem.
I can say "I" only for myself. No one can say "I" for me.
- The poem is a way for my ONEWORD
- The I that I AM
- to center Self in Dance-substantiation
. . . creating.
With director, Klaus Jensen, 24 of my poems that lent themselves to a staged production were chosen. Workman's gloves, goggles, a roll of toilet paper, plastic bags, accentuated the actions and movements from the selected poems. It was premiered in January of 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. 

performer, poems, texts: gail langstroth
director, sound design: klaus jensen
light design: christian senfft von pilsach
costume: rosemarie knoop
film: susan chales de beaulieu

premiere: january 28th 2007, hamburg, germany

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